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If the word ‘date’ isn’t in your to-do list this month, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s be real for a moment: we all have a love hate relationship with Valentine’s day. When you’re single it’s awful and when you’re in a relationship you’re torn between pretending to find it cringey but secretly thinking that doing all the typical couple stuff is cute and genuinely hating it for the over-commercialized, capitalistic holiday it is. …

Find a video game you’ll love for a bargain price!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! What’s that? Christmas is over? Well that’s fine, because I’m talking about the Steam winter sale — one of the biggest video game events of the year! Here, you can grab a bargain on some of the biggest video game launches and spend the rest of your holiday well-entertained. If you’ve received some cash from your relatives and are wondering what to spend it on, here’s a list of the 10 best games available through the winter sale. …

All your recent grads out there can vouch that the competition to secure an internship is fierce these days. So, now more than ever, it takes a creative approach to get noticed.

Just have a look at statistics from companies like Patagonia that admit to having 9,000 applications for just one role! Yes, you read that right 9,000! The pressure can be overwhelming for many students and recent graduates who are trying to stand out while up against hundreds, if not thousands, of other applicants. So what can you do to make sure you’re not just another piece of paper…

You’ve heard of ‘casual’, and you’ve also heard of ‘black tie’. However, your new workplace calls for something of a mix — let’s get down to business on the right dress code.

Some industries might require business attire on a daily basis, while others might let you get away with sneakers. However, most offices today would require something of a blend — either a ‘business casual’ or ‘smart casual’ dress code.

You might think they are the same (don’t worry, we did too!) but here’s a quick cheat sheet on knowing the difference so you dress appropriately from Day One!

The alarm rings and you’re already feeling it — the dreaded Monday Blues. Bad news? We’ve all felt it at some point. Good news? We can beat it!

Did you know that research has shown you crack your first smile only at 11.16 am on a Monday morning? That’s a little too late and way past the morning coffee — let’s start your week on a high note with these 5 tips on beating the Monday Blues.

Make Mondays Musical
Music not only changes the mood, it makes the mood. Start your day with an upbeat, fun song that would put…

You’ve nailed the interview process and the offer is on the table ready for you to sign on the dotted line…but how do you make sure you’re not signing a deal with the devil?

Whether we’re willing to admit it or not, most of us are guilty of having done a lazy skim read over an employment contract at some stage. But, as our careers progress and the stakes become higher it’s important we don’t repeat rookie errors. Nobody wants to be left at the mercy of employers and shady clauses when they thought they’d landed their dream job.


It’s fast-paced, it’s exciting, it’s risky and it may even include a Foosball table: it’s the start-up life.

Whether you’re a fresh-faced intern or an experienced professional shedding the rigid corporate world, start-ups can provide a unique career opportunity. Those of us with a strong entrepreneurial spirit often find working for a startup is a no-brainer with the promise of unlimited creativity and the rare chance to work as a jack of all trades. But, as with every job industry new and old, there are the benefits and the tradeoffs. As a startup platform ourselves, it’s only fair we give…

Retaining your first hire is almost impossible. However, iNCUBEE | LCCS proved many wrong as they retained their first ever employee thanks to the right culture and career development fit.

From forming your workforce to handling all the corporate hurdles, starting your own company isn’t easy. Founded by an entrepreneur himself, iNCUBEE | LCCS understands that. A platform for entrepreneurs seeking quality corporate services, iNCUBEE | LCCS aims to help entrepreneurs focus on their business and growth with the support of a reliable and affordable partner.

Happyer gets the opportunity to speak to its first ever employee who has not…

When founder, Steven Chan, was constantly frustrated at being unable to take efficient notes on his iPad, he decided to hatch his own solution with the creation of the GoodNotes app. Little did he know at the time, he would go on to help millions of other global users to take digital, customisable and handwritten notes on their iPads and iPhones.

Since its conception, GoodNotes has expanded to include a diverse and talented team where everyone is a ‘maker’ who works ‘smarter, not harder’. …

As the global pandemic persists, industries are steadily adjusting. While some industries such as tourism and travel are suffering, we are seeing a drastic growth of other industries. This is likely due to the change in global demands in tandem with a major shift of industries towards the virtual world. Keeping track of these trends is crucial as you ideally want to situate yourself within an industry that will ride the wave rather than sink. The big question is: are these changes here to stay?. Here are some industries that have proven triumphant in these testing times —

E-commerce and…


Happyer is the career platform for the modern job seeker that seeks to find a great culture, awesome team, empowering mission and great benefits.

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